Is Your Myerstown, Bethel or Lebanon, PA Home A Little Gloomy?

Lighten up your room with window installation services

Clear away the gloom of a cave-like room by adding a window or two. You'll be amazed by how much light new windows can add to your house. Kercher Construction handles window installations at any home, no matter its size or age.

Is one of your existing windows letting in air or moisture? Kercher Construction also offers window replacement services. Get rid of drafts and leaks with proper window installation in Myerstown, Bethel & Lebanon, PA.

Call now to talk to a contractor about adding a new window to your home.

Let the sun shine in with a skylight installation

If adding a traditional window isn't an option, Kercher Construction can bring natural light to your home with a skylight installation. This is an ideal solution for:

Interior rooms: When you can't add a window in a wall, turn your attention to the ceiling.
Shaded homes: Because a skylight is in the sun longer than a traditional window, you'll get more natural light throughout the day.
Bathrooms: Let the light in while keeping the neighbors' eyes out.

Welcome sunlight into your home with a skylight. Installation estimates are free, so call our office in Myerstown, Bethel & Lebanon, PA today!